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The biggest holiday financial myths

A recent Coinstar survey, conducted among 2,000 adults by Atomik Research, uncovered some of these hidden attitudes toward the holidays.

Myth No. 1: Regifting is in poor taste

If you think regifting is a tacky solution to lightening the financial load, here’s a good secret you should know. Nearly two-thirds of us (65 percent) do it anyway, according to the survey.

Myth No. 2: Sticking to a holiday budget is just too hard

Some 68 percent of people stick to a holiday budget. Maybe past failures can be chalked up to not having enough information to create a good plan. Look back on last year’s bank and credit card statements to help you make a better plan for this year.

Myth No. 3: Adding spare change to your budget doesn’t add up

Most people who cash in spare change have more than they think, and according to the survey that’s about $78 on average.


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