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Tips for avoiding holiday cyberattacks

By following these simple steps for data protection, you can keep your digital information secure this holiday season.

Be careful when using insecure Wi-Fi networks. If you are using such a network, make sure your connection is encrypted and secure by looking for the lock icon in the top left of the address bar.

Don’t rely on passwords alone. To further ensure your data stays protected, consider using password management and verification apps. They let you use your face, fingerprint, eyes or other methods to access your data across devices.

Avoid phishing scams. Don’t click on any unfamiliar links and carefully review all notifications from your bank to catch any potentially fraudulent activity.

Back up your data. If all your data is stored in one place, it’s vulnerable. Bad actors can lock up your device and demand payment to release your files.

Utilize privacy screens. Prevent people from looking over your shoulder and stealing your information.


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