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iPhone business tips: Collaborate in the Notes app


The following tip is excerpted from “100+ iPhone/iPad Tricks You Can Do Right Now! (iOS 12)” by Liz M. Weiman, published by iWorkshop Academy Press. It is reprinted in BetterSMB by permission.

Trick 43: Collaborate with Others in Real Time Using the Notes App

You can collaborate with others in real time by inviting them to participate in a group note using Apple’s Notes app.

To invite people to collaborate in a group note:

1. Tap the Notes app at the Home screen to launch the Notes app.

Note: Make sure to start at the Folders screen in the Notes app. If you don’t see Folders at the top (as in the illustration), tap the Back icon (<) at the top left.

2. Tap iCloud and tap the New Note icon at the bottom right of the screen.

3. Type text in the note.

Note: If you are on a Mac, click Share.

Figure 6.1: Note folder

Figure 6.1: Note folder

4. Tap the Add People icon at the top right of the screen.

Choose a method (message, email, copying link) to invite someone to collaborate (see Figure 6.2). You can add people

to this note (see Figure 6.3). Once you send this invitation out, your invitees can open your note and start editing in the note at the same time as you.

Note: You and your collaborators must all update your devices to the latest iOS version. iCloud must also be set up on all devices. To make sure you are sharing a note, look for the cloud icon at the top of your note.

Figure 6.2: Add people to the note

Figure 6.2: Add people to the note

Figure 6.3: Collaborate on a note

Figure 6.3: Collaborate on a note


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