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iPhone business tips: Use your phone as a scanner with the Notes app


The following tip is excerpted from “100+ iPhone/iPad Tricks You Can Do Right Now! (iOS 12)” by Liz M. Weiman, published by iWorkshop Academy Press. It is reprinted in BetterSMB by permission.

Trick 44: Scan a Document Using Notes

iOS 12 has added a 3D Touch function to this feature that allows you to scan documents by long-pressing the Notes app icon.

To scan a document using Notes:

1. Tap the Notes app icon, and create a new note or bring up an existing note.

2. Tap the + icon, and then tap Scan Documents. (Alternately you can long-press on the Notes app icon, and select Scan Document.)

Note: Tap the screen if you don’t see the + sign.

Arrange your document within the camera frame, and then tap the white circle (or one of the volume buttons).

4. Drag the corners of the scan to include the whole page, and then tap Retake or Keep Scan. You can add pages by positioning new documents and then tapping the white circle. When you are done, tap Save, and then tap Done.



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