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4 ways your business could use a chatbot

A recent blog post at the Small Business Administration lists the ways businesses are using chatbots to answer customer queries.

Here are some ways your business could save time with a chatbot, which is a computer script that can converse with people:

Answering questions — If most of the questions you receive are about a handful of things, you can save much time on customer service by using a chatbot.

Communicating directly with customers — a chatbot can reach out to your customers who use messaging apps. The bot can engage in back-and-forth conversation to collect data before making a recommendation.

Automating sales — Chatbots can help you with various parts of the sales process, including qualifying leads, answering questions and perhaps even closing the sale.

Enhance your branding — You can script your chatbot any way you’d like. You can give it a personality that matches your brand.


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