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iPhone business tips: Let Siri Be Your Translator


The following tip is excerpted from “100+ iPhone/iPad Tricks You Can Do Right Now! (iOS 12)” by Liz M. Weiman, published by iWorkshop Academy Press. It is reprinted in BetterSMB by permission.

Trick 48: Let Siri Be Your Translator

Siri can translate from American English to French, German, Italian, Spanish, & Mandarin. More languages are on the way. Here’s how to ask!

1. Activate Siri by pressing the Home button (or the On/Off side button on the iPhone 10/X, XS/Max, XR models).

2. Say this phrase to Siri: “Translate where is the car to Spanish”. You can also phrase the command as “How do you say where is the train station in German”.


Figure 6.24: Ask Siri to translate


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