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Business news roundup

President Trump likened the Federal Reserve to “a stubborn child” after they didn’t cut interest rates last week MARKETWATCH >

She fell asleep mid-flight. She was trapped alone on an empty plane.  THE WASHINGTON POST >

Uncertainty can follow grief when a small business owner dies. Here’s how one business kept going. AP>

Here’s why Apple, Google, and Facebook are raiding animal research labs BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK >


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This composite image shows a robot monitoring participants at left and the robot’s display at right.
To test how well the algorithm might work in a warehouse, the researchers had a robot monitor participants performing activities in a warehouse-like setting. Within three seconds of the end of each activity, the robot showed a score on its display. (Parsa et al./IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters)

Researchers working on app that sees injury risks at work

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a system that can monitor factory and warehouse workers and tell them if they risk musculoskeletal injuries in real time, and they’re using their knowledge to develop an app. The researchers used machine learning ...