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5 surprising stats about disengaged employees

These days, we’re hard-pressed to find an employer in disagreement with what is now common wisdom: employee engagement is essential to organizational success. Whether it’s customer service, profitability, or employee retention, the canon of data supporting the positive effects of ...

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The link between gratitude and happiness


The days and weeks fly by and it takes all you’ve got to stay afloat in a sea of responsibilities. Deadlines, meetings, presentations, bills, social obligations, soccer practices — how often do you pause to take a breath and truly ...

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5 Tips for Setting Up a Mentor Program to Boost Employee Engagement

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As growing professionals, we will never be too successful to benefit from having a workplace mentor. No matter your tenure or status, there is always someone out there from whom you could learn a thing or two. You’re looking for ...

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A number to know: Apple’s disputed EU taxes

$16.7 billion The European Union recently announced it had collected $16.7 billion from Apple for receiving illegal tax benefits and back taxes. READ MORE AT REUTERS >

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Tech keeps remote workers engaged

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Telecommuting, working virtually, “WFH” (working from home) ­— whatever you choose to call it, it’s on the rise. UpWork confirms just that in their 2018 Future Workforce Report: more than one third (38 percent) of the more than 1,000 polled ...

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The Cumulative Impact of a Departing Employee

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  When an organization loses a key employee, the bleeding typically does not stop there. What about the teammates that the departing employee leaves behind? How are they impacted? Simply put, when an employee leaves an organization, you could lose ...

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3 key strategies to develop a team of high performers

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Anyone who’s ever been a member of an excellent team at work will attest to how energizing it can be. Team members provide support and encouragement to give you the drive to reach goals that you thought were beyond your ...

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10 tips on attracting top talent to your organization

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It’s a fact: Every organization wants the best talent in the market, but not every organization works toward it. Merely wanting to attract the best talent will not produce results; organizations must make themselves attractive for that to happen regularly. ...

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How employee engagement affects your bottom line

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  Successful companies know that customer engagement is mission-critical. The most successful companies engage not just their customers, but also their employees. When the heart and soul of your business is engaged, you’re in position to innovate, deliver exceptional customer ...

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