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Loans can be a tool for small business growth

Rachel Estapa

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been getting  phone calls asking if I’d like to consider a business loan up to $250,000. Because, of course, you’re going to take on a loan of a quarter million dollars, plus interest, to ...

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5 things leaders can learn from stand-up comedians

(fizkes /

Editor’s Note: This blog post is by Andrew Tarvin, CEO of Humor That Works, a consultancy for human effectiveness. As you can imagine, stand-up comedy can make you a better presenter. After all, it’s one of the hardest forms of ...

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Avoid these 4 mistakes when apologizing

(nito103 /

Apologies are something we love to receive and hate to give. And especially as a leader, they are tough. They require a great deal of humility, which challenge your pride and ego. They are an open admission of failure and ...

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In response to the #MeToo movement, executives and managers report changes in behavior

Nearly a third of 1,034 executives said they have changed their behaviors to a “moderate, great or very great extent” to avoid behavior that could be perceived as sexual harassment, according to recent research from the Society for Human Resource Management. About a quarter of 1,022 managers said they have changed their behaviors, according to the same research about the impact of the #MeToo movement.

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Employers not rushing to raise wages

Abstract winter background - frozen water, ice on glass, bright sunlight

Editor’s Note: This article has been corrected. Some references to Mary Ann Sardone used an incorrect name in an earlier version of this story. The unknown new territory presented to corporations and their budgets by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of ...

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The culture revolution: Bracing for the third wave


American businesses are experiencing a cultural tsunami that is radically changing the business and employee experience landscapes. It will lead to the cleansing of organizations that fail to prepare for the tsunami. Two waves have already hit the workplace with ...

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10 ways to give your workplace a millennial-friendly makeover in 2019

(SergeyNivens /

By the year 2025, millennials will make up approximately 75 percent of the workforce, which amounts to three out of every four workers. If you’re a business owner or human resources professional, you know exactly how important these numbers are. ...

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Five cloud-based employee timekeeping tools

It’s easy to create an employee roster in Deputy.

No matter what your business is, if the law says you have to pay employees an hourly wage, you’re going to need to keep accurate track of the time they spend at work. It’s just that simple. And not simply ...

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SMBs find ways to improve cyber security

(BeeBright /

Even if yours isn’t the largest corporation on the planet, the threats to cyber security are out there, they’re growing more advanced every day, they can’t be ignored, but they can be defended against with the right approach. This is ...

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‘A tremendous amount of fun’ Team grows with help from starship role-playing simulator

Players must communicate to survive a roleplaying scenario on the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. “Effective communication is also one of the central tenets of agile project management, so it just made sense to use Artemis as a tool for teams to improve their communication skills,” said William Wallace, owner of Gaming Nomads. (Incandescent Workshop photo)

William Wallace’s gaming experience company, Gaming Nomads (, is looking to build small and medium corporate office teamwork with one very simple message: work together, or you’ll fail — and your starship maybe even explode in the middle of space. ...

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