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Instagram crackdown on fake accounts

Social media platform Instagram recently announced it will be cracking down on third-party apps that provide fake likes, comments and followers. Instagram officials said the “machine learning” technology will help identify accounts that use third-party services and remove inauthentic activity. ...

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Business news roundup

Here are the six cars that General Motors will stop making by the end of 2019. CNN BUSINESS > It’s the latest sign that the era of the industrial conglomerate is over. United Technologies is spinning off its elevator and ...

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Make the most of your health savings account


With these tips and insights, you can reap the most benefit from your health savings account. Familiarize yourself: Make sure you know how to check your balance and use the money toward your next prescription refill or doctor visit. If ...

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A number to know: Amazon jobs

25,000 Amazon recently announced New York City and Arlington, Virginia, will become the new homes of the online retail giant’s second headquarters and will bring 25,000 jobs to each city. READ MORE AT THE NEW YORK TIMES >

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Younger viewers bailing on traditional TV

According to recent Nielsen data, the number of younger viewers (ages 18 to 34) using traditional TV continues to drop. According to the data, the number of younger viewers dropped from 19.8 percent in 2017 to 16.8 percent in 2018. ...

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Companies with marketing experience on their board grow faster, researchers say

A study by the National Association of Corporate Directors found that only 4 percent of board members believed marketing experience was valuable at the board level. Does that make sense when companies want to grow? Do companies grow better with ...

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These are the top 10 wealthiest Americans

THE LIST According to Forbes, the top-10 wealthiest Americans for 2018 are: 6. Larry Page, Google ($53.8 billion) 7. Charles Koch, Koch Industries ($53.5 billion) 7. David Koch, Koch Industries ($53.5 billion) 9. Sergey Brin, Google ($52.4 billion) 10. Michael ...

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Business News Roundup

Why did the stock market drop? USA TODAY > A Silicon Valley tech investor called the startup economy a “Ponzi scheme.” CNBC > A report says China used a tiny chip to infiltrate U.S. companies. BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK> Here are three ...

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A number to know: Coffee investment

$900 million Investor Bill Ackman recently announced his hedge fund, Pershing Square Capital, acquired 15.2 million shares of the coffee company Starbucks for $900 million. READ MORE AT REUTERS >

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Instagram to use machine to help curb cyberbullying

TECH TALK Social media platform Instagram recently announced that it will use machine learning technology to proactively detect bullying in photos and their captions. Currently, Instagram allows users to report accounts that contain the intent of bullying or harassment but ...

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Study: Board gender diversity reduces environmental suit exposure

(mariakraynova / Depositphotos.com)

New research finds that firms that have a balance of men and women on their boards can reduce their exposure to environmental lawsuits. The study from the University of Adelaide and published in the Journal of Corporate Finance also found that companies ...

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Want your customers to come back? Try using uncertainty.

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Returning customers are usually better for your business than customers who come only once. So how can you get them to come back? You can try to make a game out of it. A new study from the University of ...

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A number to know: Apple’s disputed EU taxes

$16.7 billion The European Union recently announced it had collected $16.7 billion from Apple for receiving illegal tax benefits and back taxes. READ MORE AT REUTERS >

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