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Five cloud-based employee timekeeping tools

It’s easy to create an employee roster in Deputy.

No matter what your business is, if the law says you have to pay employees an hourly wage, you’re going to need to keep accurate track of the time they spend at work. It’s just that simple. And not simply ...

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The link between gratitude and happiness


The days and weeks fly by and it takes all you’ve got to stay afloat in a sea of responsibilities. Deadlines, meetings, presentations, bills, social obligations, soccer practices — how often do you pause to take a breath and truly ...

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5 Tips for Setting Up a Mentor Program to Boost Employee Engagement

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As growing professionals, we will never be too successful to benefit from having a workplace mentor. No matter your tenure or status, there is always someone out there from whom you could learn a thing or two. You’re looking for ...

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BS jobs: Should you evaluate yours?


In evaluating your company’s organizational structure, how many positions are superfluous? Would eliminating some or all of the administrative or managerial positions hurt the bottom line? Would it hurt or improve morale? And what about the employees in those roles? ...

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Law firms are turning their eyes toward attorneys’ well-being

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COLUMBIA, S.C. — The legal community’s efforts to help ensure that attorneys stay well, both mentally and physically, has become a movement during the past few years. While there has long been help for attorneys suffering from or at risk ...

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Lawyers: don’t get left behind! Time is ripe for targeted marketing strategy

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Client development and networking, when done well, keep a steady stream of clients coming in the door with the right frame of mind to be effective partners during the working relationship and remain effective brand advocates when the legal work is complete.

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