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Here’s where to focus your marketing and public relations in 2018

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Take some time this year to really focus your marketing and public relations efforts.

Start with basic e-mail marketing. Data indicate that e-mail is still an effective tool but needs to be segmented better to achieve maximum results. Your e-newsletters or client alerts can be customized by demographics or interests by simple adaptations of content. To do this well, scrutinize your lists and client knowledge carefully.

Another area for review that is often overlooked: The trend in 2018 will be continued expansion of content marketing for both digital and traditional content integration. Your print ads, mailers, publications and mobile-friendly website digital focus need to be consistent , changed with great frequency and of high quality.

A newer concept of dynamic content is also being explored. For example, a campaign for your product or service can offer different discounts to different target groups .

In addition to advancing your specific client goals, content marketing in the digital realm promotes search engine optimization .

Public relations steps in: a major area of focus for your business strategy should be to continue building your organizational awareness via public relations activities .

Organizations need to stay on top of their areas, be creative and first out with the news, and work with PR professionals consistently for this narrowing window of media coverage.

The final advice for increasing your organizational or personal brand recognition and market share in 2018? Emphasize networking and supernetworking (the combination of traditional networking and a social media presence).


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