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10 tips on attracting top talent to your organization

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It’s a fact: Every organization wants the best talent in the market, but not every organization works toward it. Merely wanting to attract the best talent will not produce results; organizations must make themselves attractive for that to happen regularly. Let’s look at some tips that will help you attract top talent.

#1 – Build yourselves up

No matter which field they work in, employees would want to be associated with the best in the industry. If you are not there, you might risk losing on the best talent. So build yourself up, and project a powerful brand that prospects cannot ignore. In today’s age where internet and social media are highly prevalent, it does not take much for a prospect to find information about you, so ensure that your brand has value and recall.

#2 – Train your recruiters

With your recruiters often being the first point of contact with the prospective talent, you want your recruiters to make the best impression possible. Indifferent and inconsistent recruiters might be ok with people desperate for the job, but top talent will want to work with someone impressive and responsive. So, make sure that your recruiters are making a favorable first impression on the candidates by training them effectively. They should be able to handle all the questions and doubts raised by the prospects.

#3 – Communicate

Another thing you must closely watch is your communication with prospects. Maintain communication across the length of the recruitment cycle so that they will not lose interest and move on to another company. Also, be professional and prompt in your communication. If candidates don’t hear from you, they forget you and move on.

James Maron (submitted photo)

James Maron (submitted photo)

#4 – Clear, concise job descriptions and preferences

Convey what you are looking for clearly and concisely. Gone are the days when people are ok with anything as long as they get a job; today, everyone wants to know exactly what is required from them, and whether they will be able to deliver. So, ensure that the job description is clear and easily understood by everyone. Also, if you have any preferences in terms of prior experience, and so on, make sure to convey this in the job description itself. There is no point wasting time looking at the profiles of candidates who are not suitable for you.

#5 – Establish good workplace culture

A good workplace culture will act as a big carrot in attracting top talent. Candidates today very well know what they want, and would like to work with organizations that support their expectations. Therefore, make sure that your workplace culture is engaging and lively, and make sure to convey this to your prospects. Social media posts with your employees themselves talking about the culture will increase credibility and retention for prospects.


#6 – Offer challenging roles

Yes, I get it. There are boring and monotonous tasks that are a part of every job description. However, you can make these seem challenging, and show how they are making a real difference to the fortunes of the organization so that top talent is interested in working on them for you.

#7 – Ensure a good fit

There is no point in hiring candidates just because they have the right qualifications and experience if you feel that they are not a good fit for your workplace. There are many cases where employers compromised on fit just to repent later and lose valuable time.

#8 – Offer perks

Perks also play an important role in the decision of talent to join the workplace. So, make sure that you have enough perks thrown in so that the talent will feel happy joining you. Organizations nowadays have gone overboard in offering perks to their employees; if you cannot match them, find the lowest-hanging fruits and try offering them. Also, it is a good idea to invite suggestions from employees on the kind of perks they are looking for; there is no point offering the perks you think are best if employees don’t follow them.

#9 – Be the compensation leader

If you want the best to work for you, you are going to have to be the one offering them the best compensation in the industry. So, try to be the compensation leader in the industry, or at least show them how they can get the best compensation by working with you.

#10 – Offer career growth

One of the parameters on which prospective candidates base their decisions is their career growth. If they think that you can offer them good growth in their career, they are likely to join you even if you don’t offer them the best of compensations. Conversely, if they don’t see growth, even a high compensation structure will not be enough to lure them.

Besides attracting top talent, employing the best HR software solution for your needs can help grow your organization rapidly. After all, more than anything else, it is your employees who make the real difference between the success and failure of your organization.

James Maron is an author at SutiSoft Inc.




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