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Think your business is too small for CRM and marketing automation? Think Again.

(tashatuvango / Depositphotos.com)

(tashatuvango / Depositphotos.com)

Many small business owners believe that their business is too small for customer relationship management solutions and marketing automation software used by larger organizations – this is a common myth that hinders the progress of far too many small businesses. The reality is that businesses of every size can benefit from the many features offered by CRM and marketing automation technology.

Data is the key to success in the digital age

There’s a lot that businesses can learn from customer data, with information quickly becoming a competitive advantage in almost any sector. Imagine having information on what, when, and how your customers wanted to purchase your products and services, and what motivated them to purchase in the first place – this information becomes easily accessible to any business equipped with a modern CRM solution. No matter what size your business is, there’s no doubt that you can benefit a great deal by better understanding the motivations and factors influencing and driving your customers.

Customer Relationship Management solutions such as SugarCRM and Small Business Solutions by Salesforce are designed with ease of use in mind, giving your business instant access to customer conversations and reports that can provide insight to your employees and help them better sell to your clients. Having more data will give you unique insight into customer’s behavioral patterns and help your team strategize and tailor the selling experience for each customer – there’s much more to CRM than just emails and phone numbers. Management tools like Prodoscore also exist to give managers insight into the overall productivity of their team members, allowing to see where each employee thrives and where they may be able to improve. But also increasing adoption of these CRM solutions.

Your customers deserve the best experience possible

Data isn’t the only positive aspect of moving your small business to CRM and marketing automation solutions – these platforms can give your customers a more positive and involved experience, bringing them closer to your business. CRM and marketing automation solutions can free up your employees from running email marketing campaigns, sending newsletters, and creating landing pages that can all lead to the creation of new leads and increase customer loyalty, allowing them to be more productive and focus on the selling experience. Many CRM and marketing automation platforms are integrated, allowing for increased functionality and thus time and cost savings.

By making the move to these platforms, your business will be better equipped to create a unique buying experience for new and existing clients, making it more likely that they’ll return in the future and even encourage new leads through their level of satisfaction. The Corporate Executive Board reports that the vast majority of customers will purchase from a company again after experiencing low-effort service. By saving time and costs with CRM and marketing automation, your sales team can focus on creating long-lasting customer relationships.

A more efficient way of generating leads and closing sales

Your sales team deserves a sales and lead generation process that works easily and efficiently for them. Making the jump to modern solutions can help your employees recognize patterns that will help them turn leads into clients, work together with other team members, increase their closing rates, and always remember to follow up with clients to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

CRM and marketing automation solutions like Sugar CRM and Salesforce’s Small Business Solutions offers affordable and easy-to-use services that help your employees sell more effectively by integrating seamlessly with company email and productivity suites like GMail and G Suite, allowing them to access and log customer information and new leads at the touch of a button, make calls from their email inbox, and more accurately be able to figure out how to sell to each unique client.

Ensuring adoption of these tools by your entire sales team is critical for the successful implementation of CRM and marketing automation – without complete adoption, your sales team will not be on the same page. Using management tools like Prodoscore is also vital to the success and improvement of your team – Prodoscore allows management to view the overall productivity and effectiveness of your team through unique individual “productivity scores”. This can help management determine areas of improvement, and get a better idea of what areas their employees succeed in.

No business is too small for a CRM or marketing automation solution – the digital age has turned customer data into a valuable and insightful too that can give your business a competitive edge and
increase sales and productivity. These platforms can increase customer loyalty, free up your employees from running time-consuming email and landing page marketing campaigns, and help your team better recognize patterns that will help them to close sales more efficiently.

CRM, marketing automation, and management tools like Prodoscore can transform your small business.


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