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Scientists demonstrate new business uses for robots (with video)

(Rutgers photo)

(Rutgers photo)

If your business isn’t yet using robots, it might be a step closer. Computer scientists at Rutgers have used artificial intelligence to control a robotic arm to pack boxes efficiently, a task usually done by people.

“We can achieve low-cost, automated solutions that are easily deployable. The key is to make minimal but effective hardware choices and focus on robust algorithms and software,” said the study’s senior author Kostas Bekris, a professor at Rutgers University–New Brunswick.

Bekris worked with professors Abdeslam Boularias and Jingjin Yu, to work on the robot packing problem. The researchers developed software and algorithms for the robot to help it manipulate and pack objects.

The Rutgers study focused on placing objects from a bin into a small shipping box and arranging them tightly, a task that is normally more difficult for a robot.

View a video of the robotic arm below:


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