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New mobile phone service aims to help mobile professionals

Phone by Web.com.

Phone by Web.com.

Professionals who rely on their personal mobile phones sometimes have to discern whether an incoming call is for business.

Web.com Group and Phone.com are partnering on a new service aimed at making it easier for customers of Web.com and Network Solutions to figure that out, as well as handle a few other communications challenges that businesses often encounter.

Called Phone by Web.com, the service offers a dedicated business line that works with a mobile app that allows for separate business and personal phone numbers on a single mobile device. One key differentiator from existing apps that allow a second line on a mobile device is a web app that lets users of the new service sort through messages and faxes from a computer. Another part of the offering uses artificial intelligence to match relevant phone numbers and domain names the business might want to use to become more memorable.

There is no contract and no long-term commitment required, according to the companies.



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