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Survey: Workers prefer remote work but don’t find it ideal

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It turns out a lot of Americans like working from home, while most people would prefer a hybrid model of working both at home an in an office, according to a report ClickMeeting, a video conferencing and webinar service.


In their survey, 46% of respondents said they view the hybrid work model as an ideal working environment and one that increases productivity and trust among employees, while only 16% of respondents prefer an office environment.

ClickMeeting notes that this presents companies with two challenges: how to manage remote working conditions and how to prepare for and optimize future hybrid working models.

Other findings in the survey:
• 59% enjoy remote work, while 23% of people miss working in an office.
• The hybrid workforce (working partly at home, partly at the office) is an ideal model for 46% of the respondents. 33% vote for pure remote work, and 16% prefer an office environment.
• As much as 69% of people who took part in the survey expect compensation for using their personal Internet, furniture, or equipment and 32% think that they should receive a higher salary for working at home.



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