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Things Every Small Business Needs to Automate in 2022

Over the past two years, businesses have rapidly implemented new digital solutions to stay ahead of the curve and compete effectively in the online marketplace. Going into 2022, that trend only appears likely to continue. One of the best things your business can do to remain competitive in the coming year is to automate repetitive tasks that take up large amounts of your team’s time. Here are five things every small business should look into automating in 2022.

1. Social Media Post Scheduling

Social media is among the most important business marketing tools today. 73 percent of marketers agree that social media marketing is an effective way to build brand awareness, generate leads and drive sales. A large part of successful social media marketing, though, involves posting content regularly. The most effective social media schedule involves posting several times per week. If your business has a presence across two to three social media platforms, this means putting a considerable amount of time and effort into maintaining a consistent posting schedule.



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