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Important to think about retirement on first day of job

Pink piggy bank with glasses standing on books next to a blackboard with retirement savings message.  Sharp focus on the piggy bank with blackboard slightly blurred.

It’s not exaggerating to say that your financial plan for retirement begins the first day on your first job. “Starting younger has been proven time and time again that it’s the easiest way to have a successful retirement,” said Susan ...

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BS jobs: Should you evaluate yours?


In evaluating your company’s organizational structure, how many positions are superfluous? Would eliminating some or all of the administrative or managerial positions hurt the bottom line? Would it hurt or improve morale? And what about the employees in those roles? ...

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Law firms are turning their eyes toward attorneys’ well-being

(pressmaster / Depositphotos.com)

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The legal community’s efforts to help ensure that attorneys stay well, both mentally and physically, has become a movement during the past few years. While there has long been help for attorneys suffering from or at risk ...

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Lawyers: don’t get left behind! Time is ripe for targeted marketing strategy

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Client development and networking, when done well, keep a steady stream of clients coming in the door with the right frame of mind to be effective partners during the working relationship and remain effective brand advocates when the legal work is complete.

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Research leads retail interior trends

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New research is yielding data that helps us determine how retailers can best meet shoppers’ emotional and behavioral needs. Preferences change over time, and retail interior design needs to change all the time too. Market changes, such as a growth ...

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SCOTUS tech rulings reflect changing times

United States Supreme Court Building in Washington. (sepavone / Depositphotos.com)

In a pair of 5-4 decisions issued at the end of this year’s term, the Supreme Court recognized that some long established legal principles were outdated because of technological advancements

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Small Business Administration lending increases

Michelle Robey and Patty Nappo secured a $1.9 million SBA loan to help make their dreams of business ownership in Medford, New York come true. (photo by Judy Walker)

The U.S. Small Business Administration had approved $15.2 billion in loans in fiscal year 2018 by mid-May, up 1.9 percent from the $14.9 billion approved in the same period in fiscal 2017.

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Cici’s, other franchisees, use SBA program for financing

(Brent Fuchs / BridgeTower Media Newswires)

Greg Costley doesn’t need the Small Business Administration’s assistance to secure entrepreneurial capital at BancFirst anymore because his first experiences as a new restaurant franchisee years ago were so successful.

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Here’s how to make sure your company’s holiday party isn’t a sexual harassment fiasco

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Your company’s upcoming holiday party provides an opportune time to review your company’s anti-harassment policies and procedures. Employers responding to claims of hostile work environment must demonstrate that they exercised reasonable care to prevent and correct promptly any harassing behavior. ...

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Here’s how minimum wage lawsuits fare across the U.S. (access required)

Business groups’ lawsuits against municipal minimum wage mandates have produced mixed results across the country. The Washington-based Employment Policies Institute has counted 30 challenges to minimum wage mandates in the United States, and said about two-thirds of the wage ordinances ended up being trumped ...

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