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7 essential elements to shaping a strong corporate culture

(VitalikRadko /

A strong positive corporate culture is essential to building organizational resiliency. The foundation of what enables a culture to thrive is the extent to which employees are empowered, engaged, feel valued and their concerns are heard. This is where leadership ...

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SMBs to the rescue: Businesses retool to respond to COVID-19 pandemic

Linda Salinas (left in lab coat), OU Medicine epidemiologist, and Kris Gose, OU Medical Center president, visit Mathis Brothers’ mattress factory, which has been retooled to sew cloth face masks. Salinas, Gose and other OU Medicine and OU Health Sciences Center leaders received bags of donated masks to use in clinical and hospital areas. (Courtesy photo / OU Medicine)

  Across America, small and midsized businesses have been steering their efforts toward helping the nation respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. In normal times, employees of Prairie Wolf Spirits in Guthrie, Oklahoma, work from day to day turning out bottles ...

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Architects, designers consider impact of COVID-19 on buildings, people

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The COVID-19 pandemic promises to change people’s lives in numerous ways. Architects and designers are already starting to consider what this will mean for new and existing buildings and their users. It’s partially an emergency response, partially an embrace of ...

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Reinventing how business is done


Disruption is permeating most of our normal ways of doing business – and our normal ways of living. Lives are being upended, amplifying emotions and experiences. Many people are feeling anxious and scattered. Our times require leaders to bring intentionality, ...

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Company leaders must act quickly to protect employees, save business


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having an unparalleled impact on people and organizations around the world. The large scale of this outbreak and its unpredictability has made responding as an executive extraordinarily challenging and complicated. Critical decision-making that balances the ...

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Tips for navigating Zoom videoconferencing like a pro

new graphic

It’s been a few weeks since we collectively began to “shelter in place.” Working from home has become the newfound reality for many lawyers, and many of you are likely in the process of trying to determine how to work ...

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Bold hair color is entering corporate culture, but limits remain

Stephen Flowers owns Suddenly Samantha in Easton. Here he is shown in his salon with two stylists, Aja Livezey, left, and Casi Melillo. Photo by Susan L. Angstadt  1/11/2020

No one would really call Pamela Ross Snyder a rebel, but when her hairstylist showed her a number of hair color samples she could try, the blue just jumped out at her. Naturally a light brunette, Ross Snyder had been ...

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‘Scalpel. Forceps. Branding’: Physicians seek a new kind of assistance

(Cancerus /

A few years ago, the orthopedic practice of Summit Medical Group approached Points Group, a health care marketing firm, for branding assistance. “Summit Medical Group was the biggest orthopedic practice in the state — about 50 doctors — but no ...

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Analysis paralysis: choosing your marketing data wisely

(kantver /

It’s 2019, which means the future is here! Unfortunately, we don’t have the flying cars we were all promised. Instead, we have all of the information the world has ever known (practically) at arm’s length every minute of every day. ...

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Gray areas: Emerging technologies cause headaches for corporate counsel

Back view of stressed young businessman on blackboard background. Stress concept

From big-data analytics to artificial intelligence, enterprises must be more creative and diligent than ever before when seeking the best ways to protect their rights in a world where technology IP claims are becoming harder to uphold.

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Email tracking and lawyers: not a great mix

(alexmillos /

For most lawyers, email is their primary method of correspondence with clients, courts, opposing counsel and others. Over the years, we’ve become increasingly reliant on email because it’s a fairly simple and cost-effective way to communicate. Of course, as technology ...

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Important to think about retirement on first day of job

Pink piggy bank with glasses standing on books next to a blackboard with retirement savings message.  Sharp focus on the piggy bank with blackboard slightly blurred.

It’s not exaggerating to say that your financial plan for retirement begins the first day on your first job. “Starting younger has been proven time and time again that it’s the easiest way to have a successful retirement,” said Susan ...

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BS jobs: Should you evaluate yours?


In evaluating your company’s organizational structure, how many positions are superfluous? Would eliminating some or all of the administrative or managerial positions hurt the bottom line? Would it hurt or improve morale? And what about the employees in those roles? ...

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