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A number to know: That’s a lot of coffee

35,000 The square footage of a new five-story Starbucks Roastery in Chicago, which is the company’s largest location. READ MORE AT CNN BUSINESS >

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Business news roundup

Popeye’s, which recently had difficulty keeping adequate supplies for its chicken sandwiches, says you can bring your own bun to get one. MASHABLE > A pilot spilled coffee on a control panel, and a plane had to divert. BBC > Small business owners ...

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Turning negative reviews into an opportunity to respresent your brand


Your business needs a plan for how to interact with websites and apps that let customers write reviews and leave ratings. Websites such as Yelp, Avvo, Google and others have taken customer service beyond the physical boundaries of your business, into the ...

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This book could help your business capitalize on the connected device economy


W. David Stephenson wants readers of "The Future is Smart" to know that the "Internet of Things" — the concept that everything can be connected to other things on the Internet — is nothing short of a revolution, because now businesses that embrace the technology can get data about practically anything in real time, a feat that until recently was impossible.

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Becoming a data visualization nerd is easier when you read her book


It's far too easy to make a quick pie chart that utterly fails at communicating the point that you found obvious as you combed through the data. That's where Stephanie D.H. Evergreen's "Effective Data Visualization" book comes to the rescue.

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A number to know: A lot of money to lose

$3 billion The amount that Chinese police say investors lost in a ponzi scheme called PlusToken that used cryptocurrency. READ MORE AT COINTELEGRAPH >

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A number to know: The value of fresh meat

30% The average spike in sales of quarter-pound burgers at McDonald’s, after the chain switched burger patties of that size to fresh beef  from frozen. READ MORE AT CNN BUSINESS >

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Choice of business structure important for business owners

Randi Hewit

An owner’s choice of business structure can have wide-ranging impacts, including how the business is taxed, how protected the owner is from liability and what kind of reports and business processes are required. Choosing a structure for a business can be easier ...

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How to have business success in computer-driven world? Try being an ‘Algorithmic Leader.”


The world is now increasingly dominated by algorithms, processes or rule sets that make calculations that affect real people. When you see digital advertisements that appear to be targeted to your interests, an algorithm chose those ads for your. When entertainment ...

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Just thinking about coffee may be enough to boost your focus

(AllaSerebrina / Depositphotos.com)

Workplaces of all kinds are places where you can smell coffee's fragrant aroma, appreciate its brown color and her the sound of its percolation. It's no secret that business and coffee go well together, because caffeine has been shown to help with focus.

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This book will train you for ‘Radical Outcomes’ in company training


Imagine this: your company works with multiple call centers, and you need to train agents on something new. The company spends gobs of time and money building a virtual classroom course for the staff to use online, from their office ...

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