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Adding women to corporate boards improves decisions about medical product safety

The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work. The big idea Medical supply companies with boards that included at least two women recalled life-threatening products almost a month sooner than those with all-male boards, according to our ...

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Companies promoting causes can be accused of ‘wokewashing’ – allying themselves only for good PR

More consumers want companies to address societal problems, including climate change and crumbling infrastructure. Additionally, more than half want to buy from brands that take stands on social issues. At the same time, consumers are increasingly skeptical about these partnerships, ...

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The value of an old-fashioned visit to your bank branch

The rise of online and mobile banking has changed the financial service industry as we know it. Customers have long been able to trade the onetime weekly trip to their local branch for a few easy clicks from the convenience ...

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Lessons from Japan: How to build a business that lasts more than 200 years

Japan is home to a number of the world’s oldest companies. There is even a specific Japanese term for companies that have survived for more than a century, retained ownership within the same family and continued plying the same trade for the duration. They are called “shinise” firms.

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Happiness at work doesn’t just depend on your employer

When Google promoted a software engineer named Chade-Meng Tan to the role of “Jolly Good Fellow”, his career – and the entire culture of Silicon Valley – took a sharp turn. Meng, a cheerful employee valued for his motivational qualities, ...

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Our smartphone addiction is killing us – can apps that limit screen time offer a lifeline?

We’re squandering increasing amounts of time distracted by our phones. And that’s taking a serious toll on our mental and physical well-being. Perhaps ironically, software developers themselves have been on the forefront of efforts to solve this problem by creating ...

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