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Buy American Rule Could Help Small Business

The Buy American Rule issued by the Biden Administration on July 28 is supposed to significantly increase U.S.-made content in products the federal government buys and support the domestic production of products critical to national and economic security. The Buy ...

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Post-COVID Concerns Small Business Owners Have Now

Now more than ever, many small business owners are faced with challenges that may seem impossible to overcome. If you are selling to a small business, some of your client’s biggest issues include: 1. Will I be able to bring ...

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House Passes Amendment to Fund Real-Time Status Updates for SBA Loans

Loan application form with Rubber stamping that says Loan Approved, Financial loan money contract agreement company credit or person - loan approval

An amendment offered by Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, which passed the House on July 30 as part of H.R. 4502, would allocate funding for the Small Business Administration to provide real-time status updates for SBA loan applicants and recipients. As ...

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Bank Loan Alternatives for Small Businesses

Although starting a business is becoming easier, getting the funding that you need for your small business is not quite as easy if you take a traditional route. Thankfully there are several bank loan alternatives for small businesses to consider. ...

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Small Business Owners Struggling to Find Workers: Survey

According to the latest MetLife and U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey, published July 14, small businesses are having difficulty finding workers and say they are having to work more themselves or are asking staff to work longer hours. Despite having ...

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How to Appeal if Your PPP Loan Forgiveness Request Is Denied


The SBA has laid out a formal and legal process for appealing its decisions to deny PPP loan forgiveness. The process is intricate and detail oriented, and there will be continued developments as the appeals come in. Once the appeal ...

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Are There Privacy Laws that Apply to Your (Small) Business?

Companies operating in the US can have a complicated web of privacy laws to navigate. State laws create a patchwork of privacy laws that can be more challenging for businesses than a single federal law. First, when legal theories evolve ...

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Diversity Certification: Good Business for Small Business

Business certification is the diverse status verification of the owner or owners of a business. This includes women, minorities, LGBTQ individuals, veterans, those with disabilities and individuals living in areas that are separated from mainstream society (usually remote rural areas). ...

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COVID Grants May Be Drying Up for Small Business: What Else Is Out There?

Post COVID, if you’re still looking for free money for your business, other small-business grants may help meet your needs. Here’s how to get them.  Understand What’s Available Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program, which launched in April , is open ...

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COVID-19: What small business owners can do when they reopen their doors

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Provided by: Kyle Harris, Senior Vice President – Wealth Management, The Harris Gibson Group, UBS Financial Services Inc. The effects of the coronavirus have been far-reaching, impacting people and businesses of all sizes across the globe. Many small business owners, ...

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Survey: Workers prefer remote work but don’t find it ideal

(GaudiLab /

It turns out a lot of Americans like working from home, while most people would prefer a hybrid model of working both at home an in an office, according to a report ClickMeeting, a video conferencing and webinar service.   In ...

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Business news roundup

The stock market is usually a good predictor of presidential winners, but this year is different.  USA TODAY > Restaurants in New York City will soon be allowed to add an extra charge for COVID recovery to diners’ bills. EATER NEW YORK ...

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