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Silence is golden: Business owners’ statements could harm livelihoods


Everyone has an opinion. But that doesn’t mean you have to let everyone know what it is, especially when it could lead to hurting your livelihood. In the midst of one of the most divisive political and social climates ever, ...

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To weather the COVID-19 drought, small businesses need to expand credit now


Right now, every small business owner needs every dollar they can get their hands on. Whether you currently need money or not, it’s time to improve your credit score and increase your credit limits. Let’s be realistic. COVID-19 didn’t magically disappear with warmer weather and infections are once again ...

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Employee comments: Show appreciation and morale shines!

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Employee engagement isn’t all about how much money an employee makes, or the gifts they receive from their employer. For many employees, a kind word, a simple “thank you” or some peer recognition is all that is needed to keep ...

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How Google Vault can save your business money on legal costs


Google Vault is one of the most valuable G Suite apps that you probably don’t use. It allows you to easily archive and timestamp important business data and files. Many businesses wrongfully believe that Vault is only useful for law ...

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Why your business should adopt DocuSign for e-signatures

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We are living in different times which call for innovative solutions. In ancient times, people used to sign documents by using a ring pressed into a wax seal that would provide assurance that the document has not been forged or ...

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7 ways to segment your email lists


Email marketing used to be all the rage but with the popularity of social media on the rise, small businesses tend to forget how powerful email communication truly is. It’s not over for the e-blast just yet! Your email marketing ...

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7 essential elements to shaping a strong corporate culture

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A strong positive corporate culture is essential to building organizational resiliency. The foundation of what enables a culture to thrive is the extent to which employees are empowered, engaged, feel valued and their concerns are heard. This is where leadership ...

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SMBs to the rescue: Businesses retool to respond to COVID-19 pandemic

Linda Salinas (left in lab coat), OU Medicine epidemiologist, and Kris Gose, OU Medical Center president, visit Mathis Brothers’ mattress factory, which has been retooled to sew cloth face masks. Salinas, Gose and other OU Medicine and OU Health Sciences Center leaders received bags of donated masks to use in clinical and hospital areas. (Courtesy photo / OU Medicine)

  Across America, small and midsized businesses have been steering their efforts toward helping the nation respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. In normal times, employees of Prairie Wolf Spirits in Guthrie, Oklahoma, work from day to day turning out bottles ...

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Architects, designers consider impact of COVID-19 on buildings, people

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The COVID-19 pandemic promises to change people’s lives in numerous ways. Architects and designers are already starting to consider what this will mean for new and existing buildings and their users. It’s partially an emergency response, partially an embrace of ...

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Reinventing how business is done


Disruption is permeating most of our normal ways of doing business – and our normal ways of living. Lives are being upended, amplifying emotions and experiences. Many people are feeling anxious and scattered. Our times require leaders to bring intentionality, ...

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Changing with the virus: Adapting my business to COVID-19


If you or anyone you know has said they’d give just about anything for things to return to how they were before the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. The situation is unprecedented, its impact entirely devastating, and we’ve had to ...

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