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Dealing With Employee Fraud in the Hybrid Workplace


The year 2020 was certainly a scramble for many businesses when the pivot to remote work seemed to happen virtually overnight. Thankfully, this quickly enabled companies to keep their operations going, and many discovered the added benefit of more productive ...

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Small Business Budget Tips: Spend Your Time and Marketing Budget Wisely

Many busy small businesses treat marketing and advertising as something they do when they have time, but relationship marketing in its truest incarnation is going to be a long game. The Small Business Association recommends 7-8% of revenue be spent ...

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Recruitment Riddle: Retailers Tackle Stiff Competition for Staff

HIGH POINT — With federal unemployment programs adding money on top of what people can get while in between jobs in most states, plus lingering uncertainty due to the pandemic, furniture retailers across the board are saying the hiring landscape ...

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Optimism Among Small Businesses Declines as Delta Variant Surges

Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic outbreak business impact background concept. Mockup mobile phone with computer keyboard, business charts, facemask and hand sanitizer hel on working table for covid 19  business financial risk.

As the COVID-19 delta variant has wreaked havoc on state and local economies in the past month, a recent survey conducted among small businesses across the country shows declining optimism that’s fueled by continued labor shortages. The National Federation of ...

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For Small Business, Access to Capital, Rising Operating Costs Are Concerns


Even if small business owners are optimistic about the future, they see challenges ahead. Weighing heavily are access to capital, rising operating costs and the difficulty in trying to hire workers. On Wednesday, several business owners in Valley Stream met ...

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Small Businesses Pivoted to E-Commerce When Shuttered During Pandemic

Tanvi Asher admits to being somewhat naïve when her store had to temporarily close in mid-March of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “At first I thought we may be closed two weeks,” says Asher, designer and owner of Peppermint ...

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Forging a Future for Small Businesses to Succeed through Analytics

In today’s world of digitization, the incorporation of analytics into businesses has become more and more prevalent to stay competitive in an industry. Businesses are taking advantage of big data and business analytics tools to better market their product and services. ...

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How Small Businesses Benefit from Partnering with Local Banks

Over this past year, during the COVID crisis, many bank lobbies have been shuttered, making neighborhood banking seem like a thing of the past. But for small business owners, this crisis has brought home just how important it can be ...

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Four Things Your Small Business Financial Plan Should Cover

You have drive. You have self-reliance. You’ve started a small business, led a business through a world of change and navigated a myriad of challenges from operational to financial. As a small business owner and leader, it’s likely there’s some ...

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Remote work means more IT challenges, cyber risks

(stefanocar75 /

In the past year, remote work has become critical for most companies. With that in mind, the need for enhanced reliability and security across company platforms has become crucial, as in many cases, there’s no on-site IT personnel at remote ...

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Simple rewards have outsized effect on employee morale

(IgorVetushko /

One of the most controversial and debated issues in any business is rewards and recognition. Who gets rewarded? How much? Is it enough? Too much? Are we rewarding the right behaviors? The questions go on and on. Rather than focus ...

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5 tips for dealing with the media as an expert source

(AllaSerebrina /

TV and print reporters interview experts on all kinds of topics, from how to design a home office to the best ways to save for retirement. As an expert in your field, you may be called to participate in a ...

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B2B payments: Transitioning from high touch to high tech

(peshkova /

Over the past few months, our workplaces have changed tremendously. Offices that were once full of people are now nearly empty. Work that was once done in person is now being done at home. With so many now working remotely, ...

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How bank relationships affect PPP loans

(fizkes /

Minorities — specifically Black and Hispanic small biz owners — applied for forgivable loans in the Paycheck Protection Program at much higher rates, but received funding at much lower rates, according to a report about the impact of the pandemic ...

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For these businesses, pivoting important for survival

Efrain Larenas, owner of E-Class Personal Fitness Training in Jessup maryland, used to offer classes and training sessions in person. Now he offers the classes digitally. (April Chen)

Many businesses have had to close their doors due to the pandemic or have been forced to become more creative in their approaches to marketing their services and products to customers.  The businesses that have survived are those that have ...

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