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Why you should use a password manager (access required)

According to a Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, 81 percent of data breaches involve weak, reused or stolen credentials. That’s significantly higher than the 63 percent it was in 2016. With a password manager, you can create those strong ...

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What keeps you up at night? (access required)

Here’s your chance to be heard, and to help get a sense of what other small and medium-sized business professionals are talking about. Each issue, we’ll ask a question of our readers. Responses may be used to shape future issues ...

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Who are the 10 most generous philanthropists? (access required)

According to Forbes, America’s top 10 most generous philanthropists are: 1. Warren Buffet ($2.8 billion) 2. Bill and Melinda Gates ($2.1 billion) 3. Michael Bloomberg ($600 million) 4. George Soros ($531 million) 5. Chuck Feeney ($482 million) 6. Walton Family ...

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A number to know: Einstein’s notes (access required)

$1.8 million A note with Albert Einstein’s handwritten notes on how to live a happy and fulfilling life were recently sold at a Jerusalem auction house for $1.8 million. Ponder this: What records do you keep? What records do you ...

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Twitter to label election-related ads (access required)

Twitter recently announced it would begin labeling election-related advertisements in response to a threat of regulation from the U.S. government over the lack of disclosure for political spending on social media networks. Twitter will launch a website detailing what ads ...

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Business news roundup (access required)

Hate what you’re doing? Feel like you want to quit? Find out how other small business owners responded when they felt that way. AP > What would it be like if Amazon brought 50,000 workers to your city? THE WASHINGTON ...

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Got a side gig? Don’t mess up your taxes (access required)

More and more people are earning extra cash by freelancing in the sharing economy. That may mean writing on the side, playing music on the weekends, driving for ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft or selling handmade jewelry on Etsy. No ...

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Who are the richest tech billionaires? (access required)

According to Forbes, the 10 richest tech billionaires in the world are: 1. Bill Gates ($84.5 billion) 2. Jeff Bezos ($81.7 billion) 3. Mark Zuckerberg ($69.6 billion) 4. Larry Ellison ($59.3 billion) 5. Larry Page ($43.9 billion) 6. Sergey Brin ...

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A number to know: Attaining sales quotas (access required)

11.3 According to a recent report, European sales representatives are 11.3 percent better at attaining quota than U.S. sales representatives. According to the research, Europeans average 65 percent of representatives attaining quota compared to 58.4 percent of American representatives. ...

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You could win $500 in our contest (access required)

BridgeTower Media is hosting a contest to determine what are the most creative ways to save money. Anyone is eligible, there is no purchase necessary, and most importantly, we’re offering monetary prizes to the Top 3 winners to help you ...

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Google Chrome to be more proactive about insecure sites (access required)

Google’s Chrome browser is becoming more proactive about warning users of insecure internet sites when the update for Chrome OS comes out later this month. What to look for: Users can expect to see a “Not secure” warning in the browser’s address ...

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