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What is customer experience, and how can you improve it?


A customer-centric mindset appears to be one of the biggest differentiators between direct competitors in markets across the world. Businesses today rely on Customer Experience (CX) to attract, convert, and retain new customers and potentially boost ROI. But what is ...

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Google replaces G Suite with Google Workspace


On October 6th, 2020, Google officially announced to the world that G Suite is now Google Workspace. Everything we know about the world has changed in ways previously thought impossible. Google Workspace addresses the unique challenges presented by workplaces being ...

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Anticipating COVID vaccine, employers ponder best course


PROVIDENCE, RI — With several U.S. pharmaceutical companies now conducting large-scale COVID-19 vaccine trials, employment lawyers are beginning to field queries from their corporate clients on whether their employees should be required to take the vaccine once it becomes available. ...

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When doing the right thing is the wrong approach


NEW ORLEANS, LA — One of my favorite aspects of my career in the insurance industry is the ability to deliver a positive outcome to someone in the midst of a personally challenging situation. Whether it’s giving someone the means ...

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Let’s change the game in which ‘everybody knows that the dice are loaded’

(Tuahlensa /

In February 1988, Leonard Cohen released an album entitled “I’m Your Man.” As I read a piece published today in the Washington Post regarding millions of dollars that recently went to executives ahead of Chapter 11 filings, the first stanza ...

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David and Goliath: Why small business must reject fear to survive


I remember reading about David and Goliath as a child and wondering if such bravery was real. At the time, my world was vast and unexplored… the notion that the impossible could be made possible was motivating and energizing.As a ...

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Silence is golden: Business owners’ statements could harm livelihoods


Everyone has an opinion. But that doesn’t mean you have to let everyone know what it is, especially when it could lead to hurting your livelihood. In the midst of one of the most divisive political and social climates ever, ...

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To weather the COVID-19 drought, small businesses need to expand credit now


Right now, every small business owner needs every dollar they can get their hands on. Whether you currently need money or not, it’s time to improve your credit score and increase your credit limits. Let’s be realistic. COVID-19 didn’t magically disappear with warmer weather and infections are once again ...

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Employee comments: Show appreciation and morale shines!

(ridofranz /

Employee engagement isn’t all about how much money an employee makes, or the gifts they receive from their employer. For many employees, a kind word, a simple “thank you” or some peer recognition is all that is needed to keep ...

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How Google Vault can save your business money on legal costs


Google Vault is one of the most valuable G Suite apps that you probably don’t use. It allows you to easily archive and timestamp important business data and files. Many businesses wrongfully believe that Vault is only useful for law ...

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