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SMBs to the rescue: Businesses retool to respond to COVID-19 pandemic

Linda Salinas (left in lab coat), OU Medicine epidemiologist, and Kris Gose, OU Medical Center president, visit Mathis Brothers’ mattress factory, which has been retooled to sew cloth face masks. Salinas, Gose and other OU Medicine and OU Health Sciences Center leaders received bags of donated masks to use in clinical and hospital areas. (Courtesy photo / OU Medicine)

  Across America, small and midsized businesses have been steering their efforts toward helping the nation respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. In normal times, employees of Prairie Wolf Spirits in Guthrie, Oklahoma, work from day to day turning out bottles ...

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Architects, designers consider impact of COVID-19 on buildings, people

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The COVID-19 pandemic promises to change people’s lives in numerous ways. Architects and designers are already starting to consider what this will mean for new and existing buildings and their users. It’s partially an emergency response, partially an embrace of ...

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Reinventing how business is done


Disruption is permeating most of our normal ways of doing business – and our normal ways of living. Lives are being upended, amplifying emotions and experiences. Many people are feeling anxious and scattered. Our times require leaders to bring intentionality, ...

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Changing with the virus: Adapting my business to COVID-19


If you or anyone you know has said they’d give just about anything for things to return to how they were before the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. The situation is unprecedented, its impact entirely devastating, and we’ve had to ...

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Creating connection with your remote workforce


There we were, insisting we wouldn’t have to change any time soon, then change found us. For the first time in U.S. history, every state is under a disaster declaration simultaneously. And it’s changed the way we work. If our ...

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Company leaders must act quickly to protect employees, save business


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having an unparalleled impact on people and organizations around the world. The large scale of this outbreak and its unpredictability has made responding as an executive extraordinarily challenging and complicated. Critical decision-making that balances the ...

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Tips for navigating Zoom videoconferencing like a pro

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It’s been a few weeks since we collectively began to “shelter in place.” Working from home has become the newfound reality for many lawyers, and many of you are likely in the process of trying to determine how to work ...

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7 best ways to ensure efficiency during work-from-home using G Suite

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Organizations might not be as ready as they think for a fully remote workforce. Many organizations were comfortable with work from home while they had just one or two employees working from home. A vast number of organizations were also ...

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5 best tools to maximize your productivity during work from home

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Even before the current pandemic, remote employment had gone from the occasional practice to a regular part of the work week for many. High-profile businesses like Google and Microsoft allow or require employees to follow a work-from-home strategy. The technology ...

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How to make remote working successful for your business


Once the COVID-19 pandemic passes, it may be worth thinking about shifting permanently to remote work. Let’s face it. Sitting in traffic on the same route every day can cause some frustration for your employees. When they finally get into ...

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D&I Is Good For Business: A Conversation with Yolanda Conyers


Quality executive leadership in Diversity and Inclusion amounts to more than mission statements and bottom lines; an exceptional leader displays empathy and is willing to step outside their comfort zone in order to meet a fellow person halfway. Two years ...

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Salary, benefits key in attracting, retaining employees

From left, Lacey Johansson, Michael Creath, guest of Ann Moyers, Ann Moyers and Teri Mallonee react to an announcement of $10 million in bonuses. (St. John Properties)

Employees at a commercial real estate company’s holiday party knew they were in for a surprise. They just didn’t know how big of a surprise it would be. When workers at St. John Properties, which is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, finally learned of ...

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Chat suites could change your business’ communication style

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Businesses have been using email for decades. For just as long, real-time communication software, in which users can send messages quickly, has been in use at work. In some workplaces, chat software could end up replacing email. Chat software didn’t ...

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Apps can help with expense reporting


Businesses, contractors and self-employed people need to keep track of expenses and mileage for accounting and tax purposes. New apps for smartphones aim to take much of the work out of the recordkeeping. One expense reporting app that has reached over ...

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