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Bold hair color is entering corporate culture, but limits remain

Stephen Flowers owns Suddenly Samantha in Easton. Here he is shown in his salon with two stylists, Aja Livezey, left, and Casi Melillo. Photo by Susan L. Angstadt  1/11/2020

No one would really call Pamela Ross Snyder a rebel, but when her hairstylist showed her a number of hair color samples she could try, the blue just jumped out at her. Naturally a light brunette, Ross Snyder had been ...

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Sales amateur or sales professional?

(tatsianama /

In sports, there are plenty of opportunities for people to participate in backyard games or pickup leagues, regardless of ability or experience. In sales, there is no backyard game or Thursday night league for amateurs. As a result, amateurs are ...

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Cyber security: 5 tips for your business

(Jirsak /

Cyber security should be an important component of your business strategy. To avoid the serious consequences of a data breach, you should act proactively in order to secure your data and protect your company’s future. Waiting isn’t an option. With ...

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Your complete guide to posting on Google My Business


At first glance, the Google My Business platform may just seem like another way for your business to gain some “real estate” in local searches. Even though that’s one of the main reasons you should create a Google My Business ...

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Do you value your values, or are they just words on a wall?

(Olivier26 /

According to recent data from Gallup, only 27% of employees actually believe in their company’s values. This is alarming because values describe an organization’s culture, which is defined as “how we do things here.” Values also describe who you are, ...

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Businesses need a strategy for marketing and advertising

Kelsey Abernathy and Daniel Fucich, two graduate students pursuing doctorates in molecular biotechnology, were both involved in an environmental entrepreneurship program that led them to start their company, AlgenAir.

When launching a new product or service, the amount of attention you give to marketing could mean the difference between success and failure. Joan Schneider and Julie Hall of Schnider Associates wrote in the Harvard Business Review that the biggest ...

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When sending email, get permission first

(merznatalia /

Roughly 30 years ago, email transitioned from being used by a few nerdy types to something practical and the world changed, as did almost every digital marketing campaign on earth. For the first time, companies could reach untold numbers of ...

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‘Scalpel. Forceps. Branding’: Physicians seek a new kind of assistance

(Cancerus /

A few years ago, the orthopedic practice of Summit Medical Group approached Points Group, a health care marketing firm, for branding assistance. “Summit Medical Group was the biggest orthopedic practice in the state — about 50 doctors — but no ...

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Traditional marketing still relevant in digital era

(Rawpixel /

Bill Gates once wrote in a 1999 book, “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” The internet has only become more dominant since then. Businesses now have a dizzying array of choices to consider ...

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Pinterest shifts marketing campaigns and expectations

This screenshot from the mobile app for Pinerest depicts a search on the platform for "Funny t-shirt." What might your customers be searching for?

Following its launch in 2010, Pinterest grew to become relevant. The web site, which has quickly grown to an active user base of 291 million users and is available in 27 languages, centered itself around the idea of “pinboards,” which ...

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Analysis paralysis: choosing your marketing data wisely

(kantver /

It’s 2019, which means the future is here! Unfortunately, we don’t have the flying cars we were all promised. Instead, we have all of the information the world has ever known (practically) at arm’s length every minute of every day. ...

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Inside the mind of a growth executive and inclusion visionary


With a keen vision for creating a more inclusive and innovative world, Sweet Joy Hachuela co-founded The Medici Group in 2006 with global thought leader Frans Johansson. “Our vision is a world where we use our differences to change it,” she explains. “Our mission ...

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Rev up your B2B lead generation engine

(Olivier26 /

Every single marketer, no matter the industry or size of the business, has one common goal: To generate more leads. But as the channels on which to engage new leads and the data and content you have to use along ...

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3 ways to get your business on Google’s local pack

The local pack is a place where Google diplays three local results. You want your business to be displayed here. (screenshot)

Google is constantly tweaking the way it shows results to its users. In recent years, the search engine giant has been focusing on the user experience, trying to make it as seamless and natural as possible while also displaying only the most accurate and relevant information.

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Struggling to meet quota? Increase sales cycle speed

(alphaspirit /

Quotas are a necessary evil of the sales world. They hold us accountable for keeping our sales up to par, but they aren’t always gentle about it. Sometimes it can seem like quotas are dark, angry clouds hanging over your ...

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