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Email tracking and lawyers: not a great mix

(alexmillos /

For most lawyers, email is their primary method of correspondence with clients, courts, opposing counsel and others. Over the years, we’ve become increasingly reliant on email because it’s a fairly simple and cost-effective way to communicate. Of course, as technology ...

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5 tips for content optimization from DMWF 2019

Speakers talk about what priorities brands should focus on. Speaking at right is Nupur Manchandam, COO at Future Learn.
From left, Ben Glatz, Head of Digital Transformation at Shell; Tom Baker, Head of Digital at National Trust; and Ramzi Yakob, Head of Digital Strategy & Experience at Aviva, listen. (W-Systems photo)

About 1200 attendees gathered from all over the world to share experiences and ideas about how digital technology is changing the way we use marketing today at the The Digital Marketing World Forum Global 2019 event.

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These tools can help you improve your company’s website

Hotjar’s heat map feature can isolate where users are pointing their mice and clicking on upon visiting your website.

While Hotjar enjoys its status as top dog in this field, there are a considerable number of other tools you can look into that can pick up where Hotjar falls short, especially where feedback analysis and reporting are concerned:

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How to use Google Tag Manager to make sense of your analytics

gstockstudio /

Google Tag Manager is one of those “hidden gem” bits of functionality that can make your marketing analytics way more digestible. But the learning curve can be intimidating for those without webmaster experience. Here’s what you need to know about ...

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4 Ways to improve the cybersecurity of your startup

(Jirsak /

The exact numbers vary, but cybersecurity experts are in agreement that small businesses are one of the most popular targets for cyberattacks. 43% of data breach victims are small businesses, according to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report. A 2018 ...

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These tools and tips could boost computer security at your business


With hacks, data breaches, and intellectual property theft both on the rise – and achieving levels almost never previously dreamt of before – it’s a good idea to look into what your business can do to keep its information secure.

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This book could help your business capitalize on the connected device economy


W. David Stephenson wants readers of "The Future is Smart" to know that the "Internet of Things" — the concept that everything can be connected to other things on the Internet — is nothing short of a revolution, because now businesses that embrace the technology can get data about practically anything in real time, a feat that until recently was impossible.

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Choice of business structure important for business owners

Randi Hewit

An owner’s choice of business structure can have wide-ranging impacts, including how the business is taxed, how protected the owner is from liability and what kind of reports and business processes are required. Choosing a structure for a business can be easier ...

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Loans can be a tool for small business growth

Rachel Estapa

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been getting  phone calls asking if I’d like to consider a business loan up to $250,000. Because, of course, you’re going to take on a loan of a quarter million dollars, plus interest, to ...

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Important to think about retirement on first day of job

Pink piggy bank with glasses standing on books next to a blackboard with retirement savings message.  Sharp focus on the piggy bank with blackboard slightly blurred.

It’s not exaggerating to say that your financial plan for retirement begins the first day on your first job. “Starting younger has been proven time and time again that it’s the easiest way to have a successful retirement,” said Susan ...

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6 top tax and bookkeeping books for small business owners

A quick Google search on missed tax deductions will bring up articles listing anywhere from seven to as many as 50 commonly missed tax deductions. Indeed, the tax code’s extreme complexity makes it highly likely that small business owners will ...

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